Annie Cicale

A103 Color: Reason and Sense

Two and a Half Day Class

This workshop covers basic color theory, structured to develop your sensitivity to color. We learn the principles of color relativity with controlled exercises in color mixing. Students will work towards an internalization of the structure of the spectrum, expanding the potential of a limited number of pigments. We will work with both gouache, watercolor and colored pencils. Our expanded palette will be used to study color on both two and three dimensional letterforms, sharpening observation skills of local color.

Supply List
  • Drawing board if you use one in workshops; a couple of binder clips
  • Paper: 1 (or more) sheet(s) good watercolor paper: 140 lb cold press, such as Winsor Newton, Lanaquarelle or any others you want to try, cut into quarters (11" x 13")
  • Brushes: 1/2" aquarelle brush with sabeline bristles, such as Winsor Newton® 995; round sable or sabeline brushes: these range from sizes 0 to 38; buy 1 – 3 good quality brushes in this range, rather than lots of cheap ones (I like having a 2, 8, and a 14); any other watercolor brushes you may have, including old ones for mixing gouache or large puddles of paint. Note: Small brushes are expensive, big ones can be quite the opposite!
  • Palette: we will be filling a small Xtra palette (included with the lab fee) from our community supply. Also bring a clean watercolor palette, one with large flat areas for mixing OR an old white china or Corelle® plate.
  • Paint: watercolor and gouache; we will be sharing watercolors, but you may have some unusual colors you want to bring. Bring your gouache supplies (optional) if you want to write with steel nibs. (We will discuss both)

Other stuff
  • Two water containers, the larger the better (2 quarts or so: if you are driving, can you tuck in a few extras?)
  • Paint rags
  • Masking tape
  • Sponges
  • Q-tips
  • Sharpie® fine point permanent markers
  • Pencils
  • A few pen holders and nibs: large sizes
  • Tracing paper
  • T-square or rolling ruler
  • Notebook
  • Camera (optional)

Other things we will be using, but that can be shared: hair dryer, plant mister, scissors

Also bring
  • Some natural objects, such as shells, rocks, bark, flowers, etc. for color studies and inspiration
  • Words (quotes, poems, etc.) with colorful implications
Materials Fee
approx. $30: for shared paints, other material

The world of books and writing has captivated ANNIE CICALE since she was a child. She has an MFA in graphic design, has taught calligraphy and book arts worldwide, and has taught at most of the international calligraphy conferences. Her travels to Europe and Asia have expanded visions of letterforms. She is the author of The Art and Craft of Hand Lettering, a 2011 publication of Bloomin Books.