Benoit Furet

B205 Embossing: Making the Paper 3-Dimensional

Two and a Half Day Class

How to add a third dimension to paper. By using stencils, we will create three-dimensional works that capture light with multiple layers of embossing. We will play with the reliefs, creating hollows and bumps to vary the volumes. And because that’s not enough, we will see how to add textures and colors to these works.

Supply List
  • Paper and pencil to take notes and make the first drafts
  • Watercolor paper: 200 g/m² for the production of stencils
  • Scalpel or cutting tool
  • Small, portable light box (not mandatory but really helpful)
  • Cutting board
  • Repositionable tape
  • Metal or stone burnishers of different sizes
  • Various papers to be embossed (any kind of paper, even the thinnest will do the job)
  • Any ink or paint you would like to use for color

Benoit Furet discovered calligraphy almost by chance 28 years ago and was immediately hooked. Since then he has been studying historical scripts and decoration techniques. He is really attached to the historicity of the writings used in his works even if he likes to play with other materials and colors than the one originally used. Benoit is obsessed by the Middle Ages and really fond of gothic scripts, not to mention a passion for filigrees. He has been teaching calligraphy, lettering and ornaments for 15 years in Europe and North America.