Rachel Yallop

B209 Yalloplate: A Different Look at Copperplate Variations

Two and a Half Day Class

Yalloplate, a new way of looking at copperplate variations, is a path to break free from a formal, more restrictive style, and try an alternative. In this class we will look at the essential components of the ever-evolving Yalloplate style and explore an innovative way of looking at letters. Many of the “rules” are the same, but stroke terminals, joins, spacing, and letter shapes can all be altered to make a style that is individual, fine and elegant, but with a definite personality.

We will look at the characteristics of the lowercase and capital letters. There will be a great attention to detail with analysis of the swelling line and the importance of accuracy in making the weighted parts of letters.

Having gained a thorough grasp of letter style, we will study how to fit letters together to make a successful word design including how simple flourishing can further enhance the work. These elements are important in making a balanced, complete design, rather than a piece created by just placing letters one after the other.

Rachel will guide you through in a calm and careful way so that you can really understand the details and nuances of this exciting script.

Supply List
  • Hunt 101 or similar, nibs. A good supply!
  • Pen holder: straight or angled/oblique if preferred
  • Free-flowing ink or gouache (I use Pelikan 4001 and Schmincke calligraphy gouache)
  • Water pot, palette and small mixing brush if using gouache
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paper: for practice I use marker or layout paper; Rhodia is particularly good

Rachel Yallop is a British calligrapher and lettering designer. Her love of letters stems from a lifelong passion for drawing, with her original calligraphic works exploring line, form, space, and lettering design. Rachel studied at Ravensbourne and then the Central School of Art & Design in London, gaining an MA in 1985. She has pursued a freelance career specializing in creative and expressive calligraphy for 35 years, working with design consultants handling accounts from major UK companies. For much of this time she has also taught a wide variety of calligraphic and design disciplines in art schools, at conferences, and workshops both in the UK and internationally. She has also written and designed two copperplate manuals. Rachel is a Founder Member and past Chairman of Letter Exchange and an Honoured Fellow of the Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society.