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Classes can be proposed for either of the following: 1 five-day session (30 hours) or 2 two-and-a-half day sessions (15 hours each). We encourage fresh, new classes that have not previously been presented online and benefit from in-person instruction. This conference format is your opportunity to interact with your students in ways that the online experience doesn't support.

Proposals can be designed for a variety of courses that are suitable for all levels, from students who are just starting to learn lettering to very experienced artists interested in adding new skills and techniques to their repertoire. Standard calligraphic hands such as foundational, italic, uncial, etc. will be considered, as well as classes that feature book arts, design, paper craft, tool techniques and the combination of calligraphy with other art forms and technologies. Write on the Edge pushes the edges of creativity, innovation, and techniques. If you have an idea that is edgy or risky that you’ve always wanted to teach, this is your conference!

We will prioritize proposals for classes not previously presented online. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the faculty chair. Topics taught at Legacies III 2021 virtual conference will not disqualify proposals of the same content for Write On The Edge.

Facilities on campus include a studio for letterpress, as well as classrooms that can be adapted for a variety of uses. There is also a small computer lab at our disposal.

Deadline for proposal submissions is May 1, 2021. You may submit no more than three proposals. Please click "Next" at the bottom of this page to access the proposal form. You will need to upload three hi-res (300 dpi) digital examples of your work supporting your proposal. All proposals will be evaluated by the Co-Directors and Faculty Chair, Marcia Friedman. If you have questions please feel free to contact Marcia at marcia@writeontheedge.org.

Rick Paulus and Debra Ferreboeuf