A conversation with Yves Leterme

When was the first time you picked up a calligraphy pen? I had dabbled a bit before on my own with a fountain pen, but my very first experience with a Brause nib dates from May 1990. What is the best advice you ever received (lettering or otherwise)? “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”  I came across this (abbreviated) quote early in my career and it still rings very true for me. I’ve always believed in hard work, but apparently that’s not enough, you also needs to muster up the intellectual courage to severely question the result of your efforts. Why do you letter? [...]

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Conference Vision & Director introductions

The Write on the Edge conference is being put together by two Bay Area calligraphers. Debra and Rick’s backgrounds and skill sets are different, but they are committed to working together to create a conference full of love for their community and letters. Let’s take a moment to get to know them and their ideas for this conference a little better. Debra Ferreboeuf Debra Ferreboeuf & the door to her wisteria covered studio  How did you get started with Calligraphy?Calligraphy became a part of my life in 1975 with my first classes in Eugene, Oregon with Fran Strom and the Valley Calligraphy Guild. I’ve had stops and starts along [...]

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